Book Review of ” Zaydo Potato, Can Allah See Me Now?”



Bismillah ( In the name of God)


First of all, I wanted to start of by saying that I am not making this review because I received this book for free or some type of benefit. I genuinely love to talk about books and make suggestions on the ones that I love.

I am always on the hunt for books that may benefit my children, especially my 3 year old, because he has become more selective when it comes to books these days.Every now and then I’ll go to and search for things like, ” Islamic Books for Kids”. It is really amazing to see how the variety of books that appear in my searches keep increasing. After my most recent search, I came across the book, Zaydo Potato , Can Allah See Me Now? by Randa Taftaf and Maz Galini. I decided to give it a try and I am so pleased that I did!

I never know what to expect because some Islamic books for children really lack something that engages my son. What I discovered was that this book really went with my son’s personality . It starts out with two cousins playing hide and go seek. This is my son’s favorite game so it hooked him right away. He was very eager to see what Zayd and Kareem were going to do next. The questions that they asked about Allah, are really ones that I could see him asking me as well. Since he has become more interested in talking about Allah lately, I can tell that the questions really sparked his curiosity. The illustrations were very fun. He had a blast looking for the potato on each page. We had a good giggle about that.  He was also intrigued by Pepper, the pet cat.

Personally, I loved how the authors used some of the names of Allah and explained their translations. This was excellent way for me to expose my son to the different characteristics of Allah.  They even made an additional glossary page in the back that explained the names of Allah further. In addition, there are two pages in the back explaining some tips to the parent on what kind of activities and discussions they could do with their children. For example, telling what shapes are on certain pages or asking about how many animals they can find in the book. We even extended it to asking about their facial expressions and what emotions they might be feeling.

So, if you are on a similar search for a new Islamic kids book for your child, I honestly recommend this one. It’s engaging. Its interactive. It’s relatable. The illustrations are fun.  It is simple enough for young kids to understand and learn from.  I also greatly appreciate how the author suggest ways that the parents can create more discussions with the children on the last few pages.




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