How I am Preparing for Traveling with Two Kids While Pregnant

For the kids

  1. Stack-able Snack Containers (I bought these )sippy cup, straws
  2. Entertainment ( Ipad, headphones, stickers, Melissa and Doug Tape book, small toys, Melissa and Doug Water Wow, Markers etc.)
  3. Lightweight Double Stroller ( I am using this one . It is under 20 pounds & recommended the most for travel.)
  4. Baby Carrier
  5.  Epipen & benodryl ( for nut allergy)
  6. Their multivitamins and elderberry gummies
  7. Vitamin C lollipops ( These help so much with take off, landing and nausea )

For me

  1. Compression socks ( for circulation)
  2. Prenatal Vitamins ( I take these because they are one a day, include probiotics and dha too)
  3. Magnesium ( I was using this one but I am trying out this one now.)
  4. Electrolyte tablets ( They are a must have for me because I am pregnant and breastfeeding. )

For both of us

  1. Essential oils rollers ( I love Plant Therapy and Eden’s Garden brand. We use them for immune support and relaxation).
  2. Disinfectant Wipes
  3. Hand Sanitizer
  4. A lot of healthy snacks
  5. Change of clothes

Other than the obvious stuff, this is pretty much it! Please share any tips you might have!


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