My Experience With Breastfeeding While Pregnant 



I am a strong believer in extended breastfeeding. Nursing for two years was the goal for both of my children. With my first son, I found out I was pregnant again after his second birthday and weaned him right away. People were scaring me into believing it would lead to pregnancy complications. My gynecologist at the time even recommended I wean him by 20 weeks.

With my current pregnancy, I am a little more knowledgeable on this subject. I know that it’s not harmful to breastfeed while pregnant if you aren’t high risk .Two different OBGYN practices ( with a mix of midwives and doctors) confirmed my sources on this subject. My second born was only 11 months when I found out.  I’ve decided to keep nursing a while longer. I was considering tandem nursing but I don’t think it’s for me.

These are my honest experiences so far…

  1. It’s taken me a while remove all the brainwashing associated with breastfeeding during pregnancy out of my head. Even with all the evidence, I get so nervous during my prenatal checkups.
  2. My milk supply decreased right away. Before I found out I was pregnant, I knew there was some kind of change to my milk supply. My son suddenly started going on and off the breast and looking confused. I thought it was teething at the time. It made a lot of sense once I found out.
  3. My first trimester was rough. I am lucky to not have experienced strong morning sickness with any of my pregnancies. That being said, the level of hunger and fatigue I experienced during my first trimester was a lot harder this time around.     I also blame a lot of this on not taking care of myself properly.
  4. I have started getting some nursing aversions. I don’t know how many times I wake up at night and say, ” I am going to wean him tomorrow”. It has now become a joke between me and my husband.My nursing aversions happen only at night. I notice that they are a lot worse on days that I am experiencing insomnia or extremely exhausted. There are some moments that nursing makes me cringe. I have started focusing more on trying to relax and distract myself when I feel like this.
  5. Night time comfort nursing has seemed to increase. I honestly can’t tell if this is due to teething or pregnancy.
  6. I am not experiencing as much pain as I thought I would.  I have always heard that nursing while pregnant is painful but it hasn’t been that terrible for me.

So why am I still nursing? I am going with my gut. It just feels like the right thing to do right now. Weaning is a very emotional process. 

I really like these articles on about this subject


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