Homeschooling My 4 Year Old




Hi Readers!

I’ve been very interested in homeschooling for a while now. I don’t know if its the route that I will decide in the future but now I am having fun teaching my 4 year old.It’s taken me a while to come up something that works for us.  I made many different types of plans that just didn’t work out. After realizing that I just need to take it easy, I found a routine that works for us! We also try to include his one year old brother as much as possible. He has fun watching us and playing around us.

I don’t have any order that I do these activities in. I just make a list of what we want to do that day and check it off.

1) Every day we go to the play room together. My son started calling this, “mommy’s school”.  This is where I have time to connect with him one on one. His little brother is still asleep most of the time.

What we do is…

  1. Say a morning prayer together
  2. Sing a song that I made up about, “Assalam alaykum”
  3. Read a story
  4. Sing the alphabet in English and Arabic
  5. Sing a song we made up to memorize his name ( in Arabic and English)and talk about his age and where he lives
  6. Talk about where our family is from on the map
  7.  Talk about the weather
  8. Play whatever he wants ( Normally we play all kinds of imaginative games, puzzles or blocks)

2) Islam– This is mostly reading him stories about Islam , talking about Allah, making prayers together ( salat and dua), saying Bismillah, Alhamdulilah, Insha’Allah, listening to the Quran, nasheeds and some Islamic videos etc. We did purchase the Safar Year 1 Islamic textbook and workbook. He enjoys the textbook but we saved the workbook for when he is older.

3) Open art table– I leave crayons, markers, play dough, workbooks, pencils,dry erase markers, safety scissors, paper, glue, lacing activities and close pins in an art box so he can freely go to it anytime during the day. He will use this mostly when we have to be extra quiet when his brother naps.

4) Workbooks– We use this mostly for quiet time .He enjoys doing mazes, drawing some of the things that go together etc. I have found a lot of good workbooks on Amazon, from the Dollar Tree, and Sam’s Club.

5) Weekly Library story time and checking out books– We try to go to the preschool story time every Monday. After it’s over we’ll check out some books together. He gets so excited about this. I believe this will help him grow up to be a book lover.

6) Daily outside time– Sometimes it’s just on the balcony  and other times it might be the park or just exploring outside. He loves to draw with chalk , play in the sand table and dig.

7) Fun activities– My son likes to call these, ” discoveries” sometimes we’ll do things like make foam, letter hunts, make an obstacle course, or stick magnets on the garage.

8)  Include him in cooking, baking and cleaning

9) ABC Mouse– We’ll use this program about 3 times a week. He really enjoys it so far.

10) Field Trips– This might be every week or once a month. We’ll try to visit a museum, park or some place new.

11) PBS Kids– When I need to rest and relax we’ll watch PBS Kids together. I love their shows. He always learns a lot from them.

12) Discussions– Ask him questions, listen to him,talk about how he feels,colors of objects in the house our when we are out, counting planes or trees and whatever we come up with.

13) Plenty of play

The Dollar Tree, Pinterest Target Dollar Spot, and Amazon are my favorite places are my favorite places to find resources.

*Some days are full of activities but others are simple. On days that I just don’t have a lot of energy I make sure I at least read to my son a lot, sit and talk to him and take him out on the balcony.

Here are some pictures of things we have found helpful and some of our activities…




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