Why I Chose Baby’s Only Whey Formula For Supplementing




After having two exclusively breastfed kids, I was pretty nervous about using formula. I don’t want to get too much into why I combination feed but it was necessary for her weight and all the struggles she has gone through with a tongue tie. My biggest fear was the digestive issues like gas , constipation, spit up etc. I also wanted something with more simple and ,”clean” ingredients. 

Within the ,”crunchy” mom world three things always come up regarding formula 

  1. Making your own – I am personally not as comfortable with doing this with her age right now.
  2. Imported European Formula –  many moms go this route because European standards for baby formula are higher than American. There are several websites that sell organic European formulas like Hipp or Holle. I was considering this at one point but decided not to go this route. First of all, it’s not as cost effective. I wouldn’t know about recalls, and many of them still contain palm oil. I do like how most of them don’t contain soy though. 
  3. Domestic Organic Formula – this is the route I took. The variety of organic formula is growing. After reviewing several brands the only ones I considered were Baby’s Only Whey and then Kabrita. Many of the other organic formulas had corn syrup and I wasn’t too happy about those. 
  4. Regular Non-GMO formulas- I didn’t go this route but several looked appealing to me. I understand different formulas agree with different babies.

I highly recommend to search for https://babyformulaexpert.com/guide-to-organic-formula/ and watch her videos.


My review of Baby’s Only Whey

First of all I want to say that this formula is labeled as Toddler Formula on the packaging. The company claims that they do this to promote breastfeeding until age one.That being said, they claim that their label is identical to baby formula. This can be confirmed with your pediatrician. I also want to emphasize that I use their whey variety and not their regular dairy one. Their whey variety is their more ,”superior formula”. The extra whey added is suppose to make it easier to digest. We purchase from Vitacost ,iherb,com or the Sprouts store.

What I like about this formula 

  1. No unusual poops, constipation,no extra gas , and no extra spit up. You wouldn’t know the difference because her diapers look the same as being exclusively breastfed. 
  2. The company doesn’t use palm oil. 
  3. Their only sweetener is lactose. They don’t add corn syrup or glucose syrup. 
  4. It’s has a higher whey amount. The whey to casein ratio is 60:40 which is the closer to the ratio as human breast milk . This makes it more digestible. Many of the other formulas are casein dominate.
  5. The company is a family owned company with great customer service.
  6. The price isn’t that much different compared to other organic formula brands.


  1. Unfortunately, it contains soy oil. I  will post a link about why there company uses it here https://naturesone.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201461056-Why-is-there-soy-in-Baby-s-Only-Organic-Dairy-formulas-.
  2. Sometimes it’s hard to find. It’s best purchasing directly from their website in bulk only, on Vitacost , iHerb,or calling around to see who sells it locally. Do not purchase on Amazon.


Overall, I think it’s one of the best formulas you can get for your little one in the United States. They also have one with DHA that is hexane free. Is it as good as breastmilk? Obviously not, but for me it compliments it nicely.


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