A Letter To My Younger Self About Finding My Identity Between Two Cultures

Dear younger me,
    Sometimes you struggle with finding your identity and where you belong. The thing you have to understand is that no one can define you…not guest that comes to visit,a teacher or even your own family members. Sometimes they will make you try to choose sides.The truth is  sometimes you will prefer one side over the other. Sometimes you will prefer both and sometimes neither. But even if you chose one side, you still won’t be enough for them . You’ll understand the language fluently  but they will still laugh at how you talk. They will still talk about you or your parents thinking that you don’t understand. They will say hurtful things like how your parents are only together for a green card. You’ll know its not true.Your looks will never be enough. They say you don’t look like you belong.You will reply ,”it is because I am both”. They will look at you like you just said something stupid. They won’t get your morals. You will be too conservative for some or either too,”fast” for others.
     Most people won’t get it,not even your best friends. When you begin to understand that you define your own identity then you’ll experience true freedom.  You will be proud of who you are.You will also begin to understand yourself. You’ll dress the way you want, speak the way you want , you will be able to eat the way you want, practice religion  and values the way you want. One day you will find your, “tribe” and they’ll be from all over the world and have different cultures and experiences but they will get it. One day you will have your own multicultural family and you will know better. You will share the best of their worlds with them. You will not bully them into choosing one way or another. You will try your best to nurture them and to help them see the world through different perspectives.Hopefully, they will see the beauty of being multicultural. When the time comes that someone tells them they aren’t a “true” this or ,”enough” that then you will remind them that they are in control of their own identity. 
                                                                                            Your Older Self

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